What are the best seasons to waterproof my basement?

Basement WaterproofingYou may not be thinking about basement waterproofing unless you are suffering from basement flooding or basement seepage problems.  Most people never consider that their basement needs to be protected from water seepage and flooding until something goes wrong.  A heavy rain causes flash flooding that floods your basement, you notice mold and mildew growing along the basement floor but there is no standing water or you begin to notice that the bottom of your appliances are starting to rust.  These are all signs that you have a water problem in your basement.  Eventually, all basements will begin to experience problems with seepage due to small cracks in the foundation or leaky pipes, windowsills and doorframes.  Do not be fooled into thinking that your basement is safe just because you do not see standing water, water stains on walls or water seeping up through the foundation.  Take advantage of the summer and winter to protect your basement now before water damages your home and you must spend thousands of dollars to repair the damages.

Waterproofing contractors are usually busies during the spring when water from hard rains and melting snow and ice are causing problems for homeowners.  Fall is another busy time because of the heavier rainfall and clogged drains and downspouts from falling leaves and debris.  Most people wait until they see a problem before they call a waterproofing company; however, the best way to protect your home is to be proactive and contact and waterproofing company now before you see damages.  During the summer, the drier conditions make it much easier to excavate around your home because contractors are not dealing with mud and rain.  Even during the winter, most contractors can deal with frozen grounds much easier than inches of mud during the spring and fall.

The best way to prevent damage from flooding is to waterproof your basement before flooding occurs.  Contacting a waterproofing company during the summer and winter means that you will get much quicker service because they will not be as busy dealing with homeowners who have not taken precautions to protect their home and are experiencing flooding emergencies.  Of course, our technicians are available 365 days a year to take care of your home flooding concerns no matter what the season.  We take care of emergencies, perform general maintenance of flood control systems and inspect and evaluate homes for new seepage systems.  We also advise clients to take actions now to prevent future flooding problems but we are also here to help you when an emergency happens.

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