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Our company exists to help home and business owners solve their flood, seepage, basement waterproofing and sewer line needs. We’re committed to delivering your complete satisfaction with our expert services and quality products.

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Water rushing into your basement isn’t anything to fool around with, no matter what’s causing the flooding. Water seeping slowly into your basement isn’t anywhere near as dramatic, but in the long run it can cause almost as many problems.

Whether your basement’s water problems are being caused by a foundation wall that has substantial damage, there are cracks in your basement floor or walls, a wall has deteriorating mortar joints that need to be sealed, or something else is going on, you can count on the experts at our seepage Chicago company to handle everything.

Basement waterproofing should never be done by an amateur. This is a job that should always be done by experienced professionals. We’re one of the Chicago area’s most highly regarded companies of this type. We’re licensed, bonded and fully insured, and our specialists have the expertise to install the flood or seepage control system you need.

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Common Problems

Making sure that your basement stays dry is an important part of maintaining your home. Every homeowner knows that problems could crop up at any given time

Wet Basement

Do you have a wet basement? You might not think so if there aren’t any puddles of water, but you have a problem even if your basement is just damp.

Foundation Waterproofing

A lot of Chicago homes would be helped by foundation waterproofing. Many older homes have masonry foundations with deteriorating mortar joints

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