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Flood Control in Des Plaines

Do you have a wet basement? If so, your home is losing value and you are risking your health and the health of your family by not correcting the problem. A wet basement will lower the value of your home because it reduces the livable space you can use in your home. Having water in your basement can also cause damage to appliances and other property stored there. Damp areas also breed mold and mildew which are both a health hazard (especially if you or someone in your family has breathing problems such as asthma or allergies). Instead of putting off foundation waterproofing and Des Plaines seepage repair, contact the Des Plaines basement waterproofing experts. We can help you solve your wet basement problems.

Knowing the warning signs of basement flooding and water seepage are key to stopping the damage to your home before it gets out of hand. Of course, standing water, mold and mildew are clear signs that you have a Des Plaines seepage problem. If you basement has that old, musty odor or you can smell a strong mildew odor, you definitely need the services of an expert Des Plaines basement waterproofing company like ours. Even if you do not see any water or smell foul odors, cracks in your foundation, walls and around windows can allow just enough water to seep into your basement to create damage and cause huge problems. Our professionally trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to find even the smallest cracks in your foundation or crawl space.

Because our technicians are expert Des Plaines seepage specialists, they know how to design and install the best seepage control system for your home. Instead of recommending a flood prevention system that everyone uses, our basement waterproofing technicians take the time to thoroughly inspect your home and design a flood prevention system that is unique to your home and to your needs. We take pride in offering the best flood control and basement waterproofing services in the Chicagoland area. From the initial consultation through the planning stages to installation and maintenance, we are the only Des Plaines basement waterproofing company you will ever need. Even if we did not install your seepage control system, we will still repair and provide maintenance on systems installed by other companies. Do not suffer another day with a wet basement - - contact our office to schedule your in-home consultation.