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Preventive Measurements Now Like Frankfort Basement Waterproofing Save Money Later

The basement of your home is quiet and unassuming. You know it’s there, but you may not see it every day. But it is an important part and if you ignore it, it can end up costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars annually. How?

What you may not realize is that your basement supports the structure of your home. Yes the walls support the roof and all that. But your without a Frankfort contractor installing a professional basement waterproofing system, it can start to have mildew that gores in to black mold and dry rot.

With those type of elements in place, your family will experience illness and your home will begin to have structural problems because of weakening. The foul odors alone will make life miserable for everyone in the house. In Frankfort, a company like Seepage can do basement waterproofing installation that will correct those problems already there and prevent more from coming.

So Where Does This Dampness Come From?

Moisture has many different sources in a basement. Most homeowners overlook what should be obvious like the doors, windows and vents and they are often the culprit. If those areas aren’t property installed and sealed off, cold air, humidity and moisture enter the basement. With a Frankfort contractor installing basement waterproofing properly, you will eliminate those possible problems and save money over the year as well.

How Does It Weaken The Structure Then?

Your home’s structure will weaken once moisture is allowed in through those areas but it can also come in through the walls of your basement. Your basement is either completely or partially underground. As the ground gets saturated, the water has no place to go. It will then find a small crack in the wall and start seeping in. Here in Frankfort, a professional basement waterproofing job will find those cracks, seal them up and that prevents that water from seeping in.

So How Do I Get Rid Of that Odor?

Frankfort contractors like will have advice for you as well as a process within their way of basement waterproofing that will eliminate and remove those odors. They didn’t appear overnight and they won’t disappear overnight either. Any professional contractor will understand your concern as a homeowner.

This is why it is recommended that all homeowners need to do a self-exam of their basement monthly and have a professional exam of the area once a year. If the leaks can be found before those odors get started and Frankfort basement waterproofing job done, those expensive repairs that could happen won’t.