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Is Joliet Basement Waterproofing A Scam?

No matter where you are located in this country, basement waterproofing is a level of protection for the largest, most valuable investment you’ll ever make. If you have a basement, it will, at some point, take water in without basement waterproofing, even in Joliet.

Yes, There Are Scammers

Every industry has scam contractors and basement waterproofing in Joliet isn’t any different. They will talk to you about damproofing instead of waterproofing, which may be less expensive. Or some charge the same, even more for a job that isn’t near the amount of proofing a basement should have.

So what is damproofing? It will meet the absolute minimum requirements that your city, county, state or township has for building codes. With damproofing, a wet asphalt solution is used and with basement waterproofing, a combination of liquid rubber is used, such as Joliet’s number one contract, Seepage does.

So If Its Cheaper, Why Not Go With Damproofing?

The purpose of “proofing” your basement is to keep water out of it so that it doesn’t cause more damage, mildew or mold. Your concrete basement floors and walls are what are what supports your home and you want it to be the strongest condition possible. A system of a thorough water drainage and dehumidifier along with finding and repairing holes and leaks with proven waterproof materials is the best way to go and that is exactly what we do at Seepage here in Joliet.

Spend The Money, Fix It Right The First Time

You can go with a damproofing job and it will take of the immediate problem. But in most cases, if not all, it has returned and the job has to be done all over again. A home can require continued maintenance anyway, so why spend money and time on something like damproofing when basement waterproofing in Joliet is the best thing to do?

An Investment to Protect

No matter if you are using this home as the place you’ll be forever or it is just simple stepping stone in your life, waterproofing your Joliet basement is a tool that is useful and valuable. It is a level of protection for your investment: Your Home. It has been proven in many areas of the country, such as Joliet, basement waterproofing can raise your home’s value if you do decide to put it on the market.