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Flood Control in Niles

Why do basements leak? Water in a basement can come from several sources including plumbing problems, drainage problems, landscaping issues or foundation problems. If you suspect the water is coming from cracks in your walls or floors, you need the services of our Niles seepage experts. We specialize in foundation waterproofing to prevent basement seepage. Call Niles basement waterproofing if you have experienced or notice any of the following signs of basement water seepage:
  • Increased presence of mold or mildew
  • Stale or moldy odors
  • Leaks around windows, doors or from the floor
  • Standing water
  • Wet walls and/or floors
  • Pest infestations
  • Foundation problems – cracks, bulges, buckling, etc.
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cracks in walls or floors
  • Damaged property because of damp or wet conditions
Even the best constructed homes will experience problems with basement seepage as they age. Our Niles seepage experts are trained to identify the source of the water entering your basement or crawl space to design a seepage control system specific to your home. With our state-of-the-art flood control systems, your basement will stay dry, healthy and useful year round. Do not let another day go by with a wet basement, let our Niles basement waterproofing technicians install a system to prevent basement flooding and seepage.

No basement is safe from flooding or water seepage. Any basement, no matter what type of foundation, can experience water seepage with age. Foundation waterproofing requires experience. We give you much more than experience – we give you peace of mind because we provide you products and services that you can rely on to solve your wet basement problems. Our technicians have experience in every step of the basement waterproofing process. From basement seepage repair to maintenance of flood control systems, our technicians are ready to take care of all of your Niles seepage needs. When you hire a contractor, you want to be sure that they are not only reliable but are capable of handling the job. We have built our business on customer service from the first consultation through the final installation and clean up. With something as serious as wet basement repair, you need professionals that will get the job done right the first time. Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your in-home consultation. We will help you choose an affordable seepage control system to solve your wet basement problems. Do not wait another day with a wet basement; call the Niles basement waterproofing experts.