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Water is one of life’s most basic necessities, but too much of it in the wrong places can be destructive. Like your basement, for example. You might know you have a wet basement or some other problem with unwanted water, but you probably won’t be able to find its cause or fix it even if you do.

That’s where we come in. Our company exists to solve seepage, flooding and other water problems in Chicago-area homes and businesses. We’re one of the most respected flood control and seepage companies in the entire metro area, and we’re the experts thousands of residents call when they have a dampness or water problem. We always do our best to devise the most cost-effective solution possible.

We specialize in flood control systems, preventing sewer backups, basement waterproofing, and installing sewer lines and drains. Here’s a little more detail about the services we perform:

Flood Control, Sewer Backup and Flood Prevention Systems and Services

Our flood control, sewer backup and flood prevention systems are designed and installed to prevent basement flooding caused by a sewer backup. Depending on your particular needs, a flood control system might involve installing the right type of flood control valve on your home’s sewer line (there are several types of flood control valves, but we identify which type would be best for your home). If our experts determine that this type of system wouldn’t solve your problem, we can install a valve-less system like a lift station or an overhead sewer.

Lift stations and overhead sewers work very well, but they’re more costly than flood control valve systems because the work involved is much more extensive. For example, installing an overhead sewer will require us to break up your floors and install a series of pumps in your home. Installing a lift station involves re-routing your home’s sewer to a flood control basin. Pumps that run 24/7 direct all water coming from your toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machine and so forth over the disconnected sewer and into the flood control basin. Sewer backups become impossible, but installing a lift station is an expensive and fairly drastic flood control measure.

Naturally, we offer maintenance and repair services for any system that we’ve installed. We also service, maintain and repair existing flood control systems that have been installed by other companies. If your sump pump, flood control or drain tile system has gone out of warranty (or if the company that installed it has gone out of business or starts ignoring your calls), our annual maintenance service can ensure that it continues to work effectively. Among other things, we do camera analysis, evaluate/repair sump pumps and switches, and clean catch basins.

Drain Tile Systems and Seepage Control

Many homes in the Chicago area have a wet basement. Often, it’s caused by water seeping in through cracks in the floors and/or foundation walls, forced there by hydrostatic pressure in the ground surrounding and beneath the home. If your basement has this type of problem, our experts will evaluate your situation and recommend an effective seepage control system.

Often, the best solution involves installing an interior drain tile system around the inside perimeter of your basement. When combined with our Xpert Sheet Drain, this system prevents seepage caused by hydrostatic pressure. Instead of being forced through cracks in your walls and floors, the ground water beneath your home and surrounding the foundation is directed into the drain tile system, thereby relieving the hydrostatic pressure. A drain tile sump pump then directs the water into the city sewer line or somewhere outside your home.

An exterior drain tile system is more expensive because of excavation costs, but it works in a similar way. We recommend its use when your foundation is made of porous or deteriorated brick or limestone. We install a drain tile system around the outside perimeter of your home and then apply an asphalt-based product to the foundation walls to prevent further degradation and provide waterproofing. As with an interior drain tile system, ground water is channeled into the system and then a sump pump directs it into the city sewer line or somewhere outside your home.

Re-Grading and Sealing Foundation Cracks

A drain tile system isn’t always the right solution for water seepage. In some cases seepage can be controlled/prevented in a more cost-effective way, simply by re-grading the ground around the home so that it slopes away from the foundation (rather than toward it). Other times, seepage is caused by the presence of foundation cracks. These can be filled and sealed by injecting an epoxy material. We’re experts at both procedures, and they’re normally less expensive than installing a drain tile system. Our specialists will assess your situation and determine whether one of these cost-effective procedures will solve your problem.

Installing Sewer Lines and Drains

We also offer several sewer-related services to Chicago-area residents and businesses. We’re recognized sewer line experts and participate in the City of Chicago's Private Sewer Program. When your existing sewer lines have been infiltrated or disrupted by tree roots, we might advise you to install new lines in order to ensure proper drainage. Catch basins sometimes collapse, and we can repair or replace them, as appropriate. Rod out stations can be installed to address specific problem areas. Drainage traps can be repaired or enlarged to handle more volume. And if a driveway or stairwell doesn’t drain properly, we can install area and trough drains that will improve drainage.

More Information is Always Available

This is just a quick summary of our services - we also offer many others that aren’t mentioned here. We’ve been doing this type of work for more than three decades now, and our specialists are highly trained experts in their fields. If you need our services or have any questions about what we do or how we can help, please feel free to get in touch.