How Foundation Cracks Wall Can Cause Seepage in Your Basement

How Cracks in Your Foundation Wall Can Cause Seepage in Your BasementBasement water seepage is common in the Chicago area.  A lot of nasty thunderstorms and heavy rains roll in.   Snowfalls can be deep, and a sudden melt caused by a downpour of rain can really make the water accumulate.  Many of the older homes in Chicago and its suburbs have deteriorating foundations made of porous limestone, common brick or concrete block.  And new homes and older homes alike typically have at least a few cracks in their foundation walls, especially near the corners of basement windows.  These foundation cracks are usually due to foundation settling or shrinkage, and they’re difficult to avoid.  Most of them aren’t any thicker than a dime.

All these factors add up to make basement water seepage a problem that’s common in the Chicago metro area.

After all, the water from heavy downpours and sudden snowmelts has to go somewhere.  The ground can only hold so much.  Once the soil surrounding a home becomes saturated, hydrostatic pressure builds up and starts forcing the water into the basement, through the cracks in its foundation.

When water infiltrates into your basement through cracks and gaps in your foundation wall, you’re likely to see puddles forming on the floor.  Your basement will feel cold and damp from the humidity, and spending time there won’t be very pleasant.  Your basement furnishings and the possessions you’ve stored there are likely to be damaged or destroyed by the moisture.  Mold will probably start forming, and that’s a health hazard you don’t want to fool around with.

What can you do if your home has foundation cracks and a seepage problem?

Well, flood control and seepage Chicago companies like ours have our work cut out for us because the problem is so common.   Give us a call to set up an appointment for one of our specialists to come out and evaluate your situation.

We’ll determine what’s causing the water in your basement and make recommendations for cost-effective procedures that can correct the problem.  More than likely, the right solution will involve sealing the foundation cracks by injecting an expanding waterproof sealant into them and/or applying a waterproof exterior foundation membrane.  We might also suggest re-grading the pitch and elevation of the grade surrounding your home so that water drains away from it.  While he’s there, though, our seepage Chicago expert will also look for any larger cracks and bowing or out-of-plumb walls that could cause structural damage if they’re not properly reinforced.

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