Gutters, gutter guards and basement water problems

Gutters, gutter guards and basement water problemsEveryone dreads cleaning the gutters but it is a necessary evil that most homeowners tackle twice each year – – once in the fall and again in the spring.  It usually involves ladders, gloves and scoops (or dirty hands) and lots of complaining.  Most homeowners do not associate clogged gutters, or the lack of gutters, with water problems in their basement.  However, if you have noticed water spots around baseboards, your appliances are rusted around the bottom, you have standing water or you have mold on walls or floor coverings, you may have water seepage problems caused by clogged or missing gutters.

If you do not have gutters or your gutters are clogged, rainwater falls onto the ground below, which is right next to your foundation.  The soil around your foundation is typically more porous than the soil elsewhere in your yard because this soil was disturbed when your home was built and backfilled after the foundation was completed.  Because the soil is more porous, it allows water to flow through to press against your foundation and basement walls.  As the water continues to press against the foundation and walls, it seeps in through cracks, masonry, joints or porous concrete.  This creates a serious and costly problem for the homeowner.

Some homeowners try to prevent this problem by installing expensive gutter guards; however, some of the gutter guards fail and actually cause water problems in your basement.  If water is not permitted to flow freely through the gutters to the downspouts and directed away from your home, it will spill over the gutters and onto the ground below creating the problem we described above.  Gutter guards are supposed to prevent this problem from occurring.  In order to prevent this problem from occurring, you must make sure your gutter guards perform efficiently and effectively.

For example, screen style gutters work well; however, mesh screens can clog more easily than metal or perforated plastic.  Insert-type guards still allow debris to enter the gutters and can clog causing problems for your basement and for your roof.  There are expensive gutter guards but you should have them professional installed and check the warranty to see if it covers damages as the result of improperly functioning guards.

One solution to water in your basement is basement waterproofing.  Having a professional flood control system installed in your basement can protect your basement from flooding and from water seeping into your basement due to faulty gutters as well as other causes.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to find out how we can keep your basement dry for an affordable price.

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