Get Rid of That Mold in Your Basement by Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Company

Get Rid of That Mold in Your BasementMold is actually a fungus.  As such, yeast, mold and the mushrooms you often see growing in your lawn after a lengthy period of rain are all distant cousins.  They all reproduce from spores that they release into the air.  When mold is growing in your basement, its spores are trapped in the air inside your home, just waiting to be breathed in by your family and/or sprout into living mold.  Yes, as disgusting as it sounds, mold can grow inside your lungs – and it can be very dangerous when it does. 

There are two problems with having mold in your basement:  mold is unsightly and makes the area smell musty; and mold spores can endanger the health of the people living in the home.  Both are bad, but obviously the health risks mean it’s important to get rid of that mold in your basement.

You can remove the visible mold by scrubbing your basement’s walls or floors with a product that’s been designed to specifically kill mold colonies.  There’s no need to get fancy though – plain old household bleach mixed with water will usually do the trick too.  Unfortunately, the mold will eventually come back unless you take some additional steps.  Scrubbing the visible mold will help prevent it from spreading, but it won’t kill the spores that are circulating in the air.

All species of mold need warmth, food and moisture to survive.  A wet basement provides all three.  Your basement’s probably going to be warm enough for mold if your home is warm enough for you to live in.  Wooden stair rails, window frames, doors and exposed floor joists, along with carpeting, cardboard boxes and other organic materials, provide the necessary food.  That means you need to eliminate the source of the moisture that your mold needs to thrive.  And that’s where basement waterproofing performed by a professional seepage Chicago contractor comes in.

Just mopping up the water on the basement floor as soon as it appears won’t do the job.  Mold spores are hardy little beasties.  They can survive long dry spells, but they’ll spring to life as soon as the first signs of excess humidity or moisture appear.   That’s why you need to hire a professional basement waterproofing company if mold is growing in your basement.  An expert seepage Chicago contractor will be able to diagnose and eliminate the sources of your basement moisture.

Mold can’t live without moisture.  By eliminating the reason(s) for your wet basement, you’ll also be preventing basement mold.  That, in turn, will help keep your family healthier.  The fact that it will also help keep your basement from having a musty odor is a nice little side bonus.

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