Landscaping and gardening could cause water in your basement

Basement waterproofingIt is only natural that you want your home to be as appealing on the outside as it is on the inside.  Therefore, you work very hard to have the perfect landscaping – – perfectly sculpted shrubs and colorful blooming flowers.  Homeowners love to create flowerbeds around the perimeter of their home filed with beautiful flowers and plants – – some include small decorative trees and large shrubs.  Unfortunately, as you work to keep your carefully landscaped flowerbeds looking gorgeous, you could be creating a water problem in your basement.

There are several ways that water can get into your basement.  Cracks in the basement floor, walls and around doors and windows allow water to enter your basement.  Porous concrete foundations allow water to seep into the basement and crawlspaces.  The best way to prevent water from entering your basement is through basement waterproofing.  However, you can also reduce the risk of damage to your basement from water by managing water outside of your home.  This includes keeping your gutters clean and extending the downspouts to keep water from pooling around your foundation.

Making sure that your yard is graded to slope away from your home is another way to prevent water from entering your basement.  This is typically done by the contractor during the construction phase of your home as part of the drainage plan to keep water away from the foundation of the home.  However, all of the careful planning to have the perfect grade can be compromised by a homeowner in his quest to have the perfectly landscaped yard.  For example, when a homeowner plants a flowerbed next to the front of the home, it is only natural to add an attractive boarder around the flowerbed.  Unwittingly, the homeowner just created a place for water to pool right next to the foundation.  As water seeps into the soil and saturates the soil underneath the flowerbed.  This is the same soil that is surrounding the foundation.  At some point, the soil surrounding the foundation will become so saturated that the water will have no place to go except into the basement.

Another common landscaping problem that will cause water to enter a basement is adding elements around your home such as patios, walkways and decks.  Unless you make sure that any hard surface constructed near your home is graded so that water flows away from the home’s foundation.  Installing flashing to deflect rain is another way to keep water away from the basement.

Even with the perfect landscaping plan, water can still seep into your basement.  Installing waterproofing products in your basement will prevent damage from basement water.  Basement waterproofing is the one way to prevent water from entering your basement and causing costly damage.  Contact our office to schedule an appointment for one of our experienced waterproofing technicians to inspect your basement and provide you with information about affordable waterproofing options.

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