How Basement Waterproofing Can Help You Sell Your Home

How Basement Waterproofing Can Help You Sell Your HomeAt long last, the real estate market is picking up in the Chicago area.  This trend is a big relief for the area’s many homeowners who’ve wanted to sell but couldn’t because the market’s been stuck in the doldrums for so long.  More and more homes are being sold, although many say that it’s still a buyer’s market because it’s so competitive.  That means potential buyers are hunting for deals and can afford to take their time and be picky.

Although it’s more important now than ever before, homeowners who are trying to sell their homes have always searched for ways to make their property more tempting to potential buyers.  Some of the strategies for doing this include things like remodeling the kitchen and/or the bathroom(s), painting the house inside and out, laying new flooring (whether it’s carpeting, tile or something else), and upgrading the landscaping.  A few sellers even finish or remodel their basements.  By the way, that’s a great way to add versatile living space, and it’s much cheaper than building an above-ground addition.

In light of what many sellers are willing to do to sell their homes, it’s a little surprising that more of them don’t think of basement waterproofing.  For one thing, a seller must complete a residential real property disclosure form when they put their home on the market.  The form used by the Illinois Association of Realtors asks the seller whether they know of any material defects in the foundation or basement.  It also asks whether there are flooding or recurring leakage problems in the basement or crawlspace.  If you’re selling your home and you’ve noticed water seepage in your basement, you’ll have to disclose it to potential buyers.  And that will deter a lot of people who might have made an offer for your home.

It’s also common practice for a buyer to hire a home inspector to evaluate the home before the closing – including the condition of the basement.  If the inspector finds any evidence of seepage, it will be included in his/her report.  Wouldn’t it look better to be proactive and ask an expert Chicago flood control and seepage contractor to waterproof your basement before putting your home on the market?

As it turns out, basement waterproofing can be one of the most important things you do before selling your home.  Potential buyers will know they won’t have a seepage problem, so they’ll be likely to offer more for your home.  Because buyers will know that the problem has already been corrected, your home will probably sell faster, too.

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