Red Flags That Potential Home Buyers Hate to See in a Basement

Red Flags That Potential Home Buyers Hate to See in a BasementThere’s always a lot of work to be done when you’re selling your home.  You need to keep it spotless at all times (even though you’re living in it) because you never know when a real estate agent will turn up with a potential buyer.  You need to spiff up the landscaping and get your carpeting cleaned (if not replaced).  The interior paint might need to be freshened up with a new coat or two.  Even the concrete floor of an unfinished basement should be swept and mopped.  You get the picture.  A lot of things are competing for your time, money and attention.

Calling an expert flood control and seepage Chicago company to come out and inspect your basement is one of the things you might consider doing.  Give it some serious thought.  It could end up being one of the most important things you do when you’re getting ready to sell your home.

Most buyers aren’t willing to take on basement water problems when they can avoid them simply by buying a different house.  If they see any signs of water seepage, they immediately think the worst.  They’re afraid they’d need to make expensive repairs if they buy the home – even if the solution would actually be as simple and inexpensive as filling and sealing a few cracks in the foundation.

Here are a few of the things that buyers hate to see in the basement of a home that’s for sale:

  • Puddles of standing water on the floor
  • Dried water stains on the walls or floor
  • Drip lines near the basement windows
  • A general dampness of the air
  • Mold anywhere – growing on the walls, ceiling, floor, or basement furnishings.  Buyers also hate to smell a moldy, musty odor.

All of these are big warning signs that your basement has a water problem of one type or another.

Give us a call before you put your home on the market.  We’re one of the most highly regarded of all the flood control and seepage Chicago companies.  One of our specialists will evaluate your basement to determine whether there are any issues that should be resolved before your home goes up for sale.  If there are, we’ll recommend some cost-effective solutions.  Correcting the problem will cost you some money, but it’s an investment that’s well worth making.  And the solution might be as easy and inexpensive as sealing some cracks in the foundation wall or in the basement floor.

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