Is Basement Waterproofing A Worthwhile Expense?

Basement WaterproofingWhen basement walls leak, there are a host of problems that can stem from it, and they can be costly problems too. Unfortunately, you aren’t always able to notice the leaks. So while they are going unnoticed and unrepaired, damage is happening and getting worse each passing day.

This is why any home with the luxury and upgrade of a basement should have basement waterproof done. So while it is an added expense for homeowners, but the damage it prevents and the costly repairs it saves down the road can be insurmountable. 

What Causes Basement Walls To Leak

Over time, as the earth gets wet, from either lawn watering or rain, it builds up pressure against the basement walls and can force that water through the smallest cracks and openings a basement may have. And all basements, regardless of what they are built from, block foundation, poured concrete, field stone or any other materials, will have imperfections.

How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?

By having basement waterproofing done, it will plug those tiny cracks and openings, stopping any water from seeping into your basement. Because once there is the smallest amount of water allowed into a basement, the possibility of problems are many and they are more expensive to fix than the basement waterproofing is.

Whether you are buying a home with a basement or your current home has a basement, you should do a self-inspection twice a year and have a professional inspection every three to five years. To do your own inspection, take a flashlight with you and with the lights out in the basement, shine it along where the ceiling and outer walls meet. If you see light coming through, there is a probable leak there.

Possible Problem Areas

If your rain gutters are not situated to run away from the base of your home, the rain will be allowed to sit there and start seeping into your basement. Make sure your gutter downspouts are extended far out enough to prevent that from happening.

Keep your flowerbeds away from the edge of the house so that as you water them, the water isn’t standing at the base of the house. Raised flower beds are best and it is recommended to make sure they have run-off away from the house as well.

Preventive Maintenance Saves A Lot Of Money

By avoiding and eliminating these types of things, you will avoid cost basement repairs. You want your basement to be as strong as possible, even if you have no desire or need to use your basement as a room or storage, because your home is sitting on top of it. Not to mention the health issues that a mildewed, moldy basement can cause.

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