Myth Or Truth – Basement Waterproofing Is Needed

Basement WaterproofingThe industry of basement waterproofing is often misunderstood as a possible rip-off industry. There are many myths going around that have shed a bad light on this industry and as a consequence, homeowners have suffered.

When you have anything type of work done to your home, basement waterproofing, landscaping, plumbing, roofing, etc, you should do your research.  After all, your home is your most valuable possession and you want to take care of it.

Here we offer a couple of myths that we have heard over the years. And we go on to explain why these myths are debunked:

Basement Waterproofing Done Outside Your Home

This cannot be done outside your home. Repeat. This cannot be done outside your home. To get a proper and thorough basement waterproof job done, it is necessary for the contractor to work inside your basement as well as outside your home. A basement waterproofing job done only on the outside of our home only diverts the water away. It will not seal your basement to protect it against any possible seepage.

First Use A Masonry Sealant

Masonry sealant is not going to waterproof your basement. While it has some wonderful uses, basement waterproof isn’t one of them. The steps needed in basement waterproofing are much more than squeezing a substance into cracks and crevices. There are issues outside the walls that need to be addressed such as where the water is gathering, how to get it diverted and more.

Leaks Will Continue

Too many homeowners believe it when a contractor tells them that even after spending the money on basement waterproofing, they will still experience leaking.  If the job is done correctly, there should not be any leaking afterward.

Remember Words Of Caution

Always check a contractor out before signing any paperwork or handing over any money, no matter what the job is. There are too many fly-by-night contractors out there that have given every industry a bad image, including basement waterproofing.

Check with your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. As the contractor for references then check them out. Ask for licenses and insurance too. A call to your homeowner’s insurance agent can get you the names of recommended contractors, or if you are buying a home, ask the realtor you’re working with. And use the internet to check out the different companies you are considering.  This is your home, your investment. Take the steps needed to protect it and yourself.

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