When It Comes To Basement Waterproofing – Don’t Go Cheap

Basement WaterproofingWhen it comes to basement waterproofing, there is only one way to do it and that way is do it right. The basement is the foundation of your most important investment, your home. Just as you need good shoes for your feet and tires for your car, your basement needs to be safe, secure and steady for your home.

Is There A Better Way?

When it comes to the industry of basement waterproofing, there are companies that will tell you they have a better way and/or a cheaper way. They have the “new and improved” method and it works better than any other you have considered.

However, after you have handed over the money and they have done the work, science proves their solution is off track after a period of time. So you think you have a guarantee or warranty and reach out to the company only to discover they are out of business or decline any repair work.

Before you choose a company to install your basement waterproofing, make sure you do your research. The internet is a great tool for just that and asking your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations.

Gimmicks To Be Aware Of

The trench system: It is probably the most dangerous of all because it creates erosion that is dangerous to the underside of your foundation footer. Over time, the footer will break and sheer. Then you could be faced with repair that may cost you thousands of dollars to repair your basement, your foundation and very likely some wall damage as well as flooring.

The French drain system: This system will dig below your home’s foundation wall with the intention of directing the water away from your home. In reality, it actually attracts water and because it is dug below the foundation walls, it allows water to flow underneath. This in turn creates erosion and removes the soil under the foundation, leaving it unsupported. This creates the opportunity for the footer to flex and break.

The On Top system: This system is not dug down at all, making it a less expensive option. The fact there is no digging is a sign that there is trouble to be expected. Why? The water won’t be able to efficiently drain because it is sitting in a flat surface. Not only is the water sitting there soaking into your foundation, it is also a health hazard for mosquitoes to breed.


The best system for basement waterproofing is the hydrostatic pressure system. It will relieve the water in the walls and under the floor. Basement walls are porous and need to breath. When they have water coming in, it suffocates them. It important to get a basement waterproofing system that pulls the water out and away as well as keep it away for the stability of your home as well as your family’s health.

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