Why Basement Waterproof Walls Is A Must

Basement WaterproofWhether you are building new or remodeling existing, getting the walls of the basement waterproof is a must. Regardless of what part of the country you live in, if you have a basement, water can cause a lot of damage to your home. And we aren’t talking about just having to mop up standing water.

Water damage in a basement can cause structural damage that can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair. Even for homes in a dry climate, basement water damage is still a risk. In fact, a dry climate can be even more of a problem for a basement with water because the soil isn’t very good and the basement doesn’t set in as well.

A Basement and Water

If you’re like most people with a basement, you use it pretty frequently, if not daily. It may be the family room, a game room, the kid’s play room or a Man Cave.  If you don’t get the basement waterproof done, it is a gamble. Just one case of rain or lawn watering seeping through the walls can cause more havoc than you’ve ever imagined.

Dreaded Structural Damage

Most home owners don’t like to hear the words “structure damage” or “structural repair” and that is exactly what you could hear if you don’t have your basement waterproofed. As you drink a glass of water, it probably seems harmless. But when it comes to your home’s foundation, it is an evil you don’t want to reckon with.

And this isn’t just in the spring and summer months you could have problem without basement waterproofing. During the winter, if there has been water seepage, when the temps drop below freezing, that water will expand. That expansion can cause a lot of damage and magnify any current damage.

Mildew and Mold

Most people think that basements are supposed to smell moldy and musty, but that’s not true.  A basement that has not been waterproofed will have that smell because it has excess moisture in the floor and walls. Mildew and mold are number one allergy problems for homeowners and if you have a person that is sensitive to odors and smells, it accents it for them.

Most likely waterproofing your basement isn’t on your radar at the moment, but it is something you should look into soon. You will find that once your basement is air tight and water tight, those moldy smells will disappear. And the allergies may too!


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