Basement Seepage – An Unhealthy Attack On Your Home

Basement SeepageA wet basement is not only annoying, but it is a health hazard too. When moisture from basement seepage of water is allowed to continue, it begins to mildew and then mold begins to breed. Left alone and unrepaired, the air quality of your basement and the rest of your home is affected as well. What many homeowners do not realize is that forty percent of your home’s air comes up from the basement.

Drying It Out

The problems that can be caused because of basement seepage are numerous. In addition to poor and unhealthy air quality the damage to your home’s foundation can be a costly loss. It starts with any water standing has to be pumped out then the basement has to be allowed to dry out.  A contractor will open windows and place large drying fans in your basement.  This can take several days before it is dried out enough to continue working.

Finding The Leak

Then the contractor will look for the source of the leak if it wasn’t already discovered. This can be from a number of areas such as a leaky hot water heater, a pipe burst, cracks around in the walls or most basement seepage is found to be at the cove joint. This is where the basement floor meets the walls.

Repairing The Leak

For basemen seepage to be fixed right, unfortunately there is no cheap and quick fix. It more times than not requires basement waterproofing. This requires the services of a contractor that is specialized in basement seepage who will have the right equipment and staff.

After getting the basement dried out, they will fix the problem from the outside first if they determine that is where the water is coming from. This means finding where the water is coming from and diverting it from the house.

Once that is done, depending if your basement is a finished basement or not will determine how much work is needed on the inside.  For some homeowners that have been considering getting their basement finished will use this time to do so.

Why Get It Fixed?

Moisture from basement seepage can cause mildew and mold which carry the bacteria an odor through your home. If you are noticing a musty smell in your basement, it most likely is an indication of basement seepage. If left alone, it will only spread and create more problems and creating more of a risk for your home and your family’s health.

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