Got A Leaking Basement? Here Are 5 Reasons To Get It Fixed!

Leaking BasementHas your basement taken in water? For your family’s health and the safety of your home structural integrity, you need to get it fixed and now. Many homeowners do not understand the many dangers that a leaking basement can cause. From a slippery, wet floor to mildew that turns to mold and the architectural structure being weakened.

When you let the problem sit unattended, these are things that happen. Not to mention that the longer a leaking basement is left unrepaired, the more costly the repairs will be. Your home is one of the most expensive investments you’ll make and is a prized possession that you want to take care of. Keeping it in good shape is not only for your enjoyment now but for the future generations as well.

Still Not Convinced To Get That Leaking Basement Fixed?

So you still aren’t convinced that you need to get that leaking basement fixed? Let us take look at these reasons that hopefully will convince you that this is a “must do” project:

The Costs: The price of all goods and services goes up over time. Therefore, the longer you wait to address this leaking basement, the more expensive the repair of this problem is going to get. Problems breed, meaning that the leaking basement problem is breeding more problems.

The Hole: When we say problems breed problems, this means every season that comes and goes, the rainy springs, the dried out summer, the rainy fall and the snow covered winter, the leaking basement problem is making more problems.

During the rainy and snow season, the water builds up and seeps in. The dryness of summer allows the ground to shrink back up and then the next rainy season, the ground swells and puts pressure on the foundation, expanding the cracks. And so it repeats the process over and over.

The Mold: as this process repeat over and over, the water seeps into the leaking basement and spreads out. It gets into places and sits, gets stagnant and begins to mildew. That mildew turns to mold and mold grows and grows until it is killed and stopped. This is causing a health risk for those living in the house, especially for anyone that has breathing problems or other health issues.

The Falling: If the leaking basement is bad enough that there is water standing in the floor, the risk of somebody falling can create medical expenses you don’t want.  Even though your homeowner’s insurance may cover this, it is an inconvenience nobody wants and not to mention what it may do to your insurance rates.

The Structure: Every home will settle once built, no matter what part of the country you are in and what kind of foundation your home has. Some homes will shift more than others and those that have a basement may shift more. Because for the most part, a basement is below ground level, it is more susceptible to the ground getting wet drying out. When a leaking basement is left alone, that structure becomes weak and the floors will begin to sag, the walls will begin to lean and in the worst case scenario, crack and even crumble.

A leaking basement can be fixed and if addressed soon enough, all of the other problems caused by a leaking basement can be fixed as well. The longer you let it all go, the more expensive it gets to be and in some cases, after years and years, the only way to fix it is to tear the house down.

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