Where Did That Foundation Wall Crack Come From And Do You Fix It?

Foundation Wall CrackSo you went down to the basement today looking for that old set of golf clubs and noticed a foundation wall crack? Not only that, but as you examined it, you notice it is wet and water seems to be coming out of it. Where did that crack come from and where is that water coming from?

You call you homeowner’s insurance company and they advise you to call three contractors for estimates. They provide you one contractor and the other two are up to you.  So you call a family member or ask your neighbor and they have a contractor they recommend.

Each contractor has a different recommendation, but you send the estimates to your insurance company to see what they recommend. Each of the contractors is right with their recommendation. But one maybe better than the others and one may be more expensive than the others.

Can You Fix It Yourself?

Well maybe. But not really. You’ll be putting a bandage on it, but that’ll work. Your local hardware store clerk recommends a caulk wall crack repair process which will seal the crack. What they don’t tell you, and may not know, the water is still going to seep through and eventually push that calk away. This DIY repair will last maybe six months if the rain and snow aren’t exceptionally heavy.

Another solution that you’ll probably hear is use epoxy, grout and hydraulic cement seal. The process is done by chipping and chiseling a V-groove into the crack then fill with epoxy, grout or hydraulic cement. These materials will harden and become a rigid barrier that is inflexible.

However, this isn’t a permanent fix either. The cement walls of your basement will expand with changes of moisture and temperatures. As they expand, these plugs will work lose and then the leak is back and probably new ones as well.  Keep in mind that epoxy must be applied to a clean, dry surface, which means if there is a crack in your basement wall, and then it isn’t clean or dry. And this means, the epoxy is already doomed not to work.

The Best Repair

To get this crack fixed right, you need an exterior foundation wall crack sealing. The contractor will dig out around your home’s foundation then apply a waterproof coating to the walls of the basement from the outside. This won’t be the inexpensive, but it will last longer and be well worth the expense and trouble.

But when we’re talking about your home, it is the biggest and most important purchase you’ll ever make. Taking second rate repair jobs isn’t in the best interest of this investment.  Get it done right the first time so that you won’t have to deal with it again.


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