Avoid Possible Future Disaster and Get Your Basement Sealed Now

Damp basementWhen your home’s foundation is damaged, it can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to deal with. If a damp basement is left unaddressed during a rainy or wet season, it leads to foundation damage and your home can be completely ruined. One way to prevent this from happening is having your basement professionally sealed.

What if you don’t have your basement sealed? Well here is just a partial list of the things you can expect, some of which, you may already be experiencing:

Discoloration: Water leaking into the basement can stain the brick, concrete, stone or tile flooring and walls. And while that may not be a big problem, it is ugly and if you have put your home on the market, this can be turn-off for any potential buyer.

Wood Rot: When water leaks into the basement, any natural material that gets wet will rot. This includes any fabric or wooden items like carpeting, curtains, furniture. Once they are wet, they begin to mildew and that puts off a smell that will turn you away as well as any potential buyers.

Mold and Mildew: Damp basement and wet basements that are left to stay damp and wet will begin to create mold on any surface. And mold grows and spreads. It puts off an odor that is unhealthy to breath, but that is exactly what you’ll be doing as it seeps upstairs to the living quarters.

Vermin: A damp basement leads to a damp foundation is likely to start cracking and no matter how tiny a crack, bugs, critters and vermin will make their way into your basement. From there, they are just a little ways from finding their way to the upstairs where there is food. Damp basements are prime breeding for termites and termites love wood.

Foundation Shifting: This is probably the biggest issue from water damage. A damp and wet basement will lead to a weakened foundation.  Once the foundation is weak, the rooms will start to tilt one way and you’ll notice doors & windows aren’t closing or opening as they should. Again, this is something that can turn a potential buyer away.

Remember: Basement flooding, a damp basement, and a wet basement in general are caused by the basement leaking. It is a common occurrence and during rainy and wet seasons, meaning ice and snow, professional basement sealing companies are swamped with calls. These calls could be avoided if they homeowner had taken the initiative to have their basement sealed.

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