How Did That Water Get In the Basement?

basement waterproofingYour neighbor just had a basement waterproofing job done. Do you wonder why? Have you noticed water in the basement and you’re not sure how it got there? If you don’t have a hot water heater or washing machine in the basement, your problem may be coming from the outside. You can do some investigation yourself and check things like the downspouts and gutters.

Make sure any drainage system you have is diverting water out and away from the foundation of your home. Water should be guided away from your home’s exterior walls by way of the grade of soil is around the foundation.

By stopping any possible water problems at the downspout, gutters or the grading is the first step in preventing water seeping in to the basement.  This is also the best way to avoid the expense basement waterproofing. Just like the mantra of real estate agents is “location, location, location”, the key to have a sound foundation and dry basement is “maintenance, maintenance, maintenance”.

Get Some Bids

Basement waterproofing is a significant investment to your home. But before you just hire any contractor, you want to make sure you get a reliable, trustworthy one. Basement waterproofing can range from $300 for a minor repair to as much as $20,000. Sadly, there are many shady companies out there that will take your $20,000 and give you a $300 job.

It is important to shop around and get more than one estimate before you commit to a contractor.  You’ll want to ask about their guarantee and warranty as well as the process they’ll be using. There are several types of basement waterproofing systems and not all are right for every home.

Ask each basement waterproofing company you interview for references from recent jobs and then follow up with those references. Ask for proof of insurance and make sure it includes workman’s comp too. If an employee get hurts on the job at your home and they don’t have worker’s comp, your homeowner insurance will be liable.

You also want to ask them if there is any permit to be pulled by the city you live in, who is responsible. This process can take some time and could be a hold up if you think they have it and they think you have it.  Be sure they are certified and license to do the work as well. Any basement waterproofing job that isn’t done by a legitimate company can cause you headaches down the road later and end up costing you more money.

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