If You See Any Of These 7 Things – You Got Drainage Problems

drainageIf you notice puddles of water in your basement, you don’t need to have a degree in geophysicists to realize you have a problem. Same is to be said if your front yard has a lake standing in the middle of it after a rain. Unfortunately, a lot of drainage problems are not that obvious.

So what are the more subtle indications that your house has water drainage issues? Well, here are 7 things that could be telling you this. Address them now while they are small issues instead of waiting until the basement is flooded. It will be easier to address and less expensive too.

Number One: Gutters Gushing

When your gutters have a small Niagara Falls going over the edge, they are probably clogged up with debris like leaves and limbs. But that isn’t the only indication from your gutters. If you’re noticing vertical dark streaks on the outside of them, mud splashed up on the sides of the house, or vertical strips of peeling paint are good indicators. These overflowing gutters won’t have proper drainage, but instead, will allow rain and water to rot the siding, wash away the dirt around the foundation, soak into the foundation and make way to the basement, causing major structural damage.

Number Two: Downspouts Dumping

For every inch of rain to 1,000 sf of a roof, over six hundred gallons of runoff are produced. That is enough wet to fill ten bathtubs! When that much water is dumped too close to your home’s foundation, it will start forcing it into the basement. And there the walls get ruined, the floors get ruined and anything you have stored there is ruined, especially if it is sitting in the floor.

Number Three: Water Stains

Contingent as to where a water stain appears, the indication that there is a problem is triggered by surface water. That can be easy to handle, but if the water is moving underground, you have the potential for bigger problems that proper drainage could prevent.

Number Four: Foundation Cracks

As a house settles, the foundation will get tiny cracks over time and for the most part, they are harmless. However, if the cracks start getting bigger, keep a watch on them. Any crack that is bigger than one-eighth of inch wide, mark the ends of it and them keep an eye on it. If it grows, you got a drainage problem.

Number Five: Flaking On Walls

When you see efflorescence on the walls, (gray or white crust), that’s mineral deposits that were left behind by water evaporating, you have a drainage problem. Or if you notice spilling, (big flakes on the wall), you have a drainage problem.

Number Six:  Attic Mildew

Your attic is one of the best tell-tale places for drainage problems. The underside of your roof will have mildew if there is moisture in there. It could indicate roofing problems but it can also indicate that you have ground level drainage issues too.

Number Seven: Mulch Migrates

When soil doesn’t have proper drainage, the rain that runs off in sheets will carve gully into your landscape ad dump silt on pathways and walkways and take your mulch with it.

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