There Is More Than One Solution To Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofingThere is more than one type of systems when it comes to basement waterproofing. Which one is best is all dependent upon on the situation that is unique to your home. Believe it or not, even cookie-cutter houses are unique with their construction. And that includes the foundation system. It is also possible that your home may need a combination of basement waterproofing approaches.

Paint Or Primer

One method of basement waterproofing that homeowners will try is painting or applying a primer on the floors and walls. That may take care of the cosmetics, but it isn’t finding the source and fixing the problem.


This type of basement waterproofing repair is usually suitable only for foundations of poured concrete and will only help where seepage is making its way from the walls. It is done by injecting an epoxy or polyurethane substance into the cracks with the intent of preventing water from seeping into the basement. Most basement waterproofing professionals will tell a homeowner this is nothing more than a temporary fix and the problem will return. It will not help if there is seepage coming from the floor. It should not be used on a home with brick, cinder block or stone masonry type foundations.

Exterior Excavation

This method of basement waterproofing involves digging down (excavating) six to eight down to the footer of the foundation wall. Then the contractor will correct how water is draining by installing a new drainage system, such as a French drain system. In addition to this, a waterproofing professional will apply a waterproof material to the exterior part of the wall to assure that there isn’t any more infiltration of water into the basement.

Interior Excavation

This is a much less expensive and less invasive way for basement waterproofing that many homeowners choose. This system of waterproofing addresses hydrostatic pressure, which is the amount of pressure from groundwater that is forcing a way through basement walls and/or foundations. Some professionals in this industry refer to this as “water control”.

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