Why You Might Need an Exterior Drain Tile System

If your home has basement water seepage, you need to correct the cause before your home and possessions are damaged extensively.  In some cases, basement waterproofing can be accomplished by installing an interior drain tile system.  In others, that kind of setup wouldn’t be appropriate (you have a finished basement, for example) or won’t prevent water from seeping into your home.

An exterior drain tile system will intercept and direct ground water away from your home before it makes its way into your basement.  It’s effective whether the cause of your basement water problem is overflowing gutters, inadequate, clogged or misdirected downspouts, clogged basement window wells, heavy snow-melt, or torrential rains. 

Read on to learn what’s involved when a seepage Chicago contractor installs an exterior drain tile system around a home.  Once you understand what’s involved, you’ll also understand why you’ll need an expert basement waterproofing company to do the work for you.

First, a narrow trench is dug around the entire foundation of the home, all the way down to the footings.  A layer of gravel is then laid along the bottom of the trench.  A continuous line of perforated PVC drain pipe is laid atop the gravel, next to the footings, around the entire perimeter.  A second layer of gravel is then laid on top of the drain pipe, after which the trench is backfilled.  Most professional seepage Chicago contractors will also apply a polyurethane waterproofing membrane to the outside of the foundation wall before backfilling the trench.  This membrane helps seal the foundation wall and prevents water from seeping through.  Drainage board (made of dimpled plastic) is used to protect the waterproofing membrane and direct water down to the exterior drain tile.

The water that collects in the installed drain pipe is directed into a sump basin, where a sump pump will direct it safely away from the home (the sump pump should be professionally installed too).  It won’t have the opportunity to enter your basement, so your seepage problems will disappear.

Depending on the cause of the problem, an interior or an exterior drain tile system could be the right choice to waterproof a basement.  In some cases an interior system will work well, but in others exterior drain tile is the appropriate choice.  If your basement is finished, you’d have to rip it all out in order to have an interior drain tile system installed.  That won’t be necessary with exterior drain tile.  An exterior drain pipe will also help preserve the integrity of your foundation wall.  By draining water away and preventing it from seeping through, it will prevent basement wetness and possible structural damage.

Ask a professional waterproofing expert which type of system would be best to waterproof your home.

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