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Wet Basement

Do you have a wet basement? You might not think so if there aren’t any puddles of water, but you have a problem even if your basement is just damp. After all, the dampness is caused by water that’s entering your basement from somewhere.

How and where can water get into your basement? Your basement’s walls and floors are supposed to be waterproof, right? Well, unfortunately, basement water problems can be caused by a lot of things. Heavy downpours, sudden snowmelt, backed up gutters and water coming from a river or stream that has overflowed its banks can all cause water in your basement. So could water pipes bursting during a deep freeze. A broken sump pump (or simply one that’s inadequate) could also be responsible. City sewer lines sometimes back up, and when that happens, the unlucky homeowner has a real mess on their hands! Other common causes of wet basements include water seeping in through cracks in the home’s foundation, deteriorating mortar, or a foundation wall that’s made of porous brick, stone or concrete.

Having a wet basement can lead to problems. For one thing, you won’t want to be there for any longer than necessary. It will feel damp, unpleasant and chilly. Mold will probably develop, and mold’s odor isn’t pleasant. Your basement will become a place you’ll want to avoid whenever possible. Wouldn’t it be a shame to spend all that money finishing your basement and then not even want to spend any time there? Even worse, the dampness will ruin your expensive carpeting and upholstered furniture. And even if your basement isn’t finished, the water and dampness are likely to damage whatever items you’ve stored down there. Worst of all, breathing in mold spores can endanger everyone who lives in your home.

If your home has a damp or wet basement, you need to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will probably just get worse, and you could be in for even more costly repairs. This isn’t something you’ll want to fool around with. You’ll need to call in an expert flood control and seepage company to handle things. Our experienced professionals will be able to determine what’s causing the water or dampness in your basement. After they’ve identified the cause, our experts will then be able to design and install a solution that will effectively correct the situation and prevent further damage.